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What makes your facials different than traditional facials

I don’t like to use the word facial as I find it superficial. I do clinical treatments that change the skin’s function via various modalities.  One receives everything received in a  “facial”, but with skin changing results. Machines I use address various issues of the skin and treatments are customized to each person to address what challenges are specific to them.

What’s a Gold Anti-Aging treatment do? How does it affect the skin?

Gold is a very powerful mineral. I peel the skin via enzyme or acid and infuse the pure gold via ultrasound, the gold changes the frequency in our skin, it changes the ATP—the skin’s energy, increases circulation, and the cumulative effects of Gold allow the skin’s cells to be optimal in all its function: Hydrated, wrinkle-reducing, anti-microbial, toning/firming- providing a more youthful appearance. It’s perfect for dull skin, acne, dark circles and anti-aging

When doing a peel, how do you know what peel to use for a best result?

 There are many different acids and enzymes all with different molecular structures. For example, a Glycolic Peel addresses oily or acnaic skin, Lactic Acid for dehydrated, mature skin, and Malic Acid for hyperpigmentation of the skin. These are just a few. Renee’s dedication to customizing treatment for your skin means she is not a one stop shop. She is dedicated to addressing your skin’s specific need and extensive knowledge of how each acid/peel works and what will work for a specific person- sometimes this means one, sometimes this means a blending.

What is Non- Surgical Lipo? How does it compare to Lipo?

Cellulite Blast vs. Lipo: Cellulite can be an emotional and frustrating thing for people, taking away from self-esteem and enjoyment. Many women go in for Lipo and don’t realize that Lipo doesn’t address cellulite. It actually makes cellulite worse. Contributory factors: Artificial sweeteners, and chemicals built up by our bodies. An analogy I use is imagine a jar of marble and jello; if I suck out all the jello, the marbles are not only still there, but even more prominent. I address the actual cellulite by detoxifying it first and using a laser that breaks down cellulite called Geo-Blastoma. Lipo goes in and melts the fat. When a doctor does Lipo they cannot remove more than 12 lbs of fat at a time. The Cellulite Blast doesn’t address fat, it specifically targets and breaks down the cellulite.

Money back guarantee, naturally, and without any surgery.

What’s a Non-Surgical Facelift? Does it work?

When someone goes in for surgery the doctor lifts the skin, it’s a surface result. A facelift does not address the actual heath of the skin. In many cases it looks over done and in 5 years, another facelift will be needed. What I do is a Non-Surgical Facelift via laser and a machine called The Perfector. This uses a  patented microcurrent that has different programs. I don’t just address the surface of the skin. Over cumulative sessions, we’re reeducating the cells to perform differently. The Perfector connects with muscle to tighten and firm. It connects with the cells to turn over more efficiently and effectively, and connects with the collegen to synthezie it to produce more collegen—the result over time—your face is lifted, tightened and much more toned! Once we take your skin from “A” to “B” you can maintain those results with maintenance—no cutting, no downtime, no pain, no fear of a “catlike” appearance.

Plus, this alternative, clinical treatment that will achieve amazing results is also extremely reasonable and price-fractional of surgery.

Are there supplements that can remove wrinkles and make your skin firmer?

Yes. I work with clients to customize what protocol is best for them with their individual lifestyle, goals, concerns and medical history.

Why would someone go to you as opposed to a Dermatologist to treat acne?

For the most part Dermatologist’s give medication which is a band-aid that doesn’t address the cause of acne and can also cause more damage. So many variables attribute to the causes of acne, and a topical or internal antibiotic is not my answer.  I spend a lot of time addressing lifestyle, hormones, the inflammation process and the. biggest differentiation is that I treat the cause and affects of acne. If a person truly wants to change their acnaic skin, this includes killing bacteria and structuring and resurfacing the skin, and prevention. Many people don’t realize that Acnaic skin is a skin type, just like combination or dry skin. Many people feel shame and embarrassment and again, we’re going to work to change the way the skin functions. Acnaic skin is a process, but I’ve changed countless people’s skin and achieved great results to treat, prevent and cure acne.

How do Stem Cells make a difference in the skin?

Stem Cell research is in the forefront of anti-aging and longevity. I use Bovine, Organic Stem Cells as opposed to plant or human. This is closet to our human plasma. Simply, it gives skin a new download to actually grow younger, completely changing the skin’s cellular structure—more collagen, more protein, more elastin, and the structure of the skin is much younger. This is a very safe, FDA approved result-orientated dramatic treatment.

Is there a discount for a prepaid series of 6?

Yes, if you pay for 6 on any service, you’ll receive the 7th treatment free.

Should I come every week?

I would recommend no. It isn’t necessary because every 28 days your skin goes through renewal cycles, at 2 week intervals. Clinical treatments intervene at mid-cycle, and help achieve cell memory at critical time so that cells will retain that information. Coming more regularly isn’t necessary.

How do men benefit?

Everything we do is either regenerative or degenerative. Lack of oxygen is the most degenerative aspect of cell death—main factors: sun, smoke and alcohol and stress. All these produce oxidated damage and everything starts o break down, collagen, elastin, and wrinkles form. The good news: oxidated damage can be reversed, transdermally and internally.

What is the main cause of aging skin?

Everything we do is either regenerative or degenerative. Lack of oxygen is the most degenerative aspect of cell death—main factors: sun, smoke and alcohol and stress. All these produce oxidated damage and everything starts o break down, collagen, elastin, and wrinkles form. The good news: oxidated damage can be reversed, transdermally and internally.


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